Working At Eczellon

At Eczellon Capital, we continuously seek to invest in engaging excellent and innovative talents who are motivated and determined to make an impact, and will take pride in working for the firm.

The Eczellon Person is a passionate professional totally committed to excellence, who also understands the value of team spirit and interdependence. Personal creativity, commitment to highest standards of professionalism and resolve for excellence at all times make such candidate the ideal Eczellon Person. We encourage anyone who fits our profile and who wishes to pursue a fulfilling career with us to approach the firm, through the various channels provided.

We operate in a professional, educative, creative and yet fun environment. We have a workforce with diversity of thought, cultural and professional backgrounds. Hence, employees will gain expertise from an intellectual and supportive work environment and also find fulfillment and security in their work.

While we believe in, respect and encourage diversity of thought and personal preferences, we recognize that only a certain “type of personality” can deliver on the demands of a certain “type” of brand. We therefore seek in our team, a total alignment with Eczellon Values and Brand Essence.

Our culture is focused on cultivating and sustaining a work environment where idea generation is strongly encouraged. Internally, informal relationship is engendered among staff, irrespective of grade and seniority, however respect for all is demanded at all levels. To external stakeholders however, ethical conducts and professional etiquette based on the cultural demands of our environment, all underscored by a promotion of the Firm’s Core Values, are consistently maintained.

Our team is fun-loving and ‘having fun’ is a critical aspect of our regular activities. Doing the business of the Firm, therefore, must also necessarily be fun.