Business Advisory

Eczellon firmly believes in staying close to our clients to be there as their respective industries experience change and evolve. As the global economy changes, businesses need to reposition themselves and fine-tune their operations to harness new opportunities. This requires financial strategy and often business process re-engineering. Our business advisory refers to services provided to enterprises to assist such entities in improving the economic performances of their various going concerns – for increased profitability and market positioning. This may apply also to public sector entities such as State Governments, MDAs etc for improved Internally Generated Revenue, Development.

Our team of analysts and network of expert consultants advice our clients through a detailed value chain analysis of our client’s business operations, followed by analysis to determine the state of the business vis-à-vis the identified vision and goals of the company. We thereafter help to develop strategy based on findings from the steps above, ensuring the company develops strengths to harness opportunities and mitigate threats, leading to strategic resolutions in areas of franchising, mergers or acquisitions, strategic investments, and other repositioning strategies.

Our mission is to ensure that our input in their business endeavors creates value and transforms their operations to drive success

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Eczellon really helped us achieve our business turnaround and restructuring goals. Their proposed strategies were as creative as brilliant

Gbemi Adio-Moses
Executive Director , GX Foods