"We are driven by an unyielding commitment to our Purpose and a set of core values that underlie all we do, and all we are"
Ken Etete
Director, Eczellon Capital

Our Core Values

At Eczellon, we are values and principles driven. Our business practices and all stakeholder engagements are based on core principles which form our foundation and to which we are unrelentingly committed.


To constantly aspire unto greater achievements by continuous improvements. Aspiration begins with an awareness that something better, something greater exists and that – which is better and greater – is desired and actively sought. At Eczellon, we believe that it is only through aspirations that elevation may occur, in communities and within self.


To create solutions that benefit today, stand the test of time and inspire future generations. Our work today is for the good of tomorrow. At Eczellon, we believe in posterity as the ultimate measure of our success and achievements.


To impact our communities positively and shift the story forward. Coming from where we are coming from, the needs are great and the time is short. Therefore, whether on small community engagement, or major projects and transactions, our endeavours must measurably impact our communities positively and shift the story forward


To deliver achievements that add value to the lives of people and all our stakeholders. Relevance of any entity must be based on the value it adds to its stakeholders. Our Firm must at all times be committed to creating and delivering value to the lives of people and all our stakeholders such that, by our existence, their lots are better off.


To relentlessly pursue the best and even then, go further. Excellence must be a given. For what is worth doing at all, must be done and delivered in its finest possible state, exceedingly well, unmatched in quality and uncompromisingly first class.

To relentlessly pursue the best and even then go further is therefore what we believe in, and what we live for.

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Why Work With Us

We constantly strive to be the trusted advisor and facilitator of the aspirations of our clients, providing best-in-class advice and execution excellence on transactions, however complex.