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The world continues to change – and at a dizzying pace too. Yet a remarkable portion of the world seems left behind. As the world’s economy grows and some nations are advancing, some others seem stuck and left behind. This should be a concern for all. It is a great challenge. However, it is also a great opportunity.

In Africa, arguably the largest developing market in the world, there is a great opportunity in the challenges that afflict the continent and her people.

Nations of Africa – with their respective peoples, enterprises and corporations – possess great potential. The young, vibrant population, with improving education and access to technology, combined with the subsisting gap between what is available and what is required, possess such potential for explosive growth and development, if this potential can be unleashed with ‘access’ – access to the factors of enterprise and institutional growth and sustainability. This is the only way to wealth creation, poverty alleviation, political stability and tangible economic development.

For this to happen, governments, corporations and other economic agents, need the assistance of professionals, to provide the tools required for the achievement of relevant goals.

Governments require boosts in capacity to provide infrastructure and an enabling environment in which business and entrepreneurship can thrive. Corporations and enterprises need capital and strategic intelligence to provide solutions to their communities, thereby meet business objectives, create value and wealth, which can be passed sustainably over generations. This is the only way to the manifestation of The African Dream!

The African Dream will come from the creation of the environment for the sustainability of enterprises and businesses. When, like enterprises in the developed countries, African entrepreneurship is based on the right business structure, sound enterprise principles and values, and access to finance.

Eczellon Story Team

Investment Banking is one field, one profession which is firmly positioned to aid this calling. As a business which deals in the creation, generation, mobilization and channeling of capital, and the creation and growth of value in business and enterprises, investment banking is, and will remain, relevant in the unfolding evolution of the African Story.

With their expertise and understanding of the markets and issues, investment banking institutions and professionals will provide relevant insights – through the generation of ideas and arrangement of means to implement them – to governments on the right approach to delivering developmental promises to the people. Investment banks will also assist corporations in managing issues facing their businesses, identify and harness opportunities to create sustainable enterprises that will be legacy institutions.

Eczellon Capital is that investment bank with a firm belief in this African story and the role of our institution within it. We are driven by an unyielding commitment to ultimately contribute to the creation and furtherance of lasting economic growth and development on the continent – and the birth of The African Dream – through the provision of needed financing solutions to corporations and governments, connecting the doers and builders of this brave new frontier with the right partners and investors. This, we will do, by creating and innovating the right structures for such symbiotic connection of business, financing and investment structures that fuel aspirations and deliver the ultimate objectives of all these stakeholders.

This is our Purpose – our Aim and our Mission.

our story

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