Our brand: Same story, reinforced

Our new brand identity is refreshed. To reinforce our story, our calling and our vision – which remain unwavering.

In 2018, with the continuing evolution of the Eczellon Story, and growth of its brand, the Firm’s Visual Identity System was refreshed, resulting in a change of logo, corporate colours, brand collaterals and other aspect of the brand’s visual expressions.

The new identity is a product of deep thought, foresight, strategy and creative mastery. A thorough creative journey embarked upon by some of the best in the industry. The process reflected Eczellon’s commitment to excellence and how we manage and deliver solutions for our client’s financing and investment needs.

The Moodboard

Eczellon moodboard 2

Key concepts upon which our moodboard and creative process was anchored: 

Balance | Excellence | Challenge & Aspirations | New Dawn | Elegance | Achievement | Leader

The new logo icon of Eczellon was developed from a blended theme of heights and the highest mountains, trophies for achievement, the ocean for expansiveness, the first sunrise at dawn for inexhaustible possibilities, a burst of optimism, a service that radiates excellence.

The essence of Eczellon is found in these and these essence are found in Eczellon.

From its maroon and gold old logo, the new Eczellon brand is Sugilite Purple and Platinum Grey. Sugilite purple is a dark-pink purple colour from the very rare gemstone sugilite. Purple combines the stability of blue and the energy of red, and is associated with royalty. It symbolises power, nobility, luxury, ambition, wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, mystery and magic. Platinum is a rare and precious metal with the colour range of grey to silver-white. Platinum has become a symbol of durability and its rarity has given it added exclusivity that makes it the most desirable of metals. Platinum never tarnishes and it represents enduring relationship and commitment.

These colours – sugilite and platinum / purple and grey – represent the very essence of Eczellon, and upholds its promise.

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