The Eczellon SPECS

Our people are our greatest resource. We recognize that only a certain “type of people” can deliver on the demands of a certain “type” of enterprise promise. That’s why within the DNA of our Firm and our people, entrenched by personal accountability and initiatives, you will find certain attributes – the Eczellon SPECS


At Eczellon, we seek to create real world solutions (with measurable impact) to our clients and stakeholders needs. We are primarily established to actively seek and contribute to the alleviation of issues, problems and challenges present in our global communities, using tools of finance and sound creative idea generation to create solutions with impact and meaning. It is on this basis that our core belief (and mantra) is that there must always be a solution for all challenges.


For us at Eczellon, professionalism is the blend of expertise and a total commitment to doing our job, no matter the circumstances. We combine competence and ability to execute based on training and experience with a sound knowledge of our business, the market and the laws guiding our service ecosystem. Our clients can always trust that we are the right team for the job in the execution of our avowed commitments.


We place a premium not just on what we do, but how we do it. Our service delivery, in content and form, must be in its finest possible state. Simply put, we will constantly strive to offer first class professional services, in a very first class way.

We believe all products and services – be it a scientific invention or the next ‘big idea’ – must be experienced and utilized in art form. Therefore our professional investment banking services are presented to our clients for an experience synonymous with the finer things in life. This commitment is infused into the minutest details of our services and deliverables.

Creativity & Innovation

Even as we are grounded in the traditional and time-tested approach to capital creation and investment, our research-based strategy in financial engineering covers every available option towards developing the best financing structure that meets the most critical needs of our clients and delivers on their objectives. In this rapidly changing world, where the need of every stakeholder is consistently evolving, we challenge ourselves to provide the most intelligent solutions which not only provides financing for projects, but ensure that such businesses and projects are sustained for impact and legacy for generations.


Sound-Knowledge is critical to our business and corporate existence. It refers to our deep understanding, and not just a mere awareness of changes in our environment, our field, our clients’ industries and the global economic landscape- including the drivers of those changes and their respective sponsoring factors. We understand that to create value for our stakeholders, at all times, we must possess a far-reaching understanding of their businesses and the factors which impact them. With our research, keen observation and direct engagement of our service and business ecosystem, we constantly seek to maintain a Sound-Knowledge that enables us anticipate trends and interpret them into opportunities and progress, for our clients, our firm and for the communities which we serve

about our team

The Team

Our team has a wealth of experience garnered over years of top level engagement as advisers to clients on some of the landmark transactions on the continent.

Select Transaction Cases

We have raised over $1.34billion on our transactions and initiatives for governments as well as corporate private sectors in various lead and active roles.


We continuously seek to invest in engaging excellent and innovative talents who are motivated and determined to make an impact and will take pride in working for the firm.