At Eczellon Capital, we are keen on making an impact on the African continent. One of our mandates is the creation of jobs and we begin this from within our firm. We continuously seek to invest in engaging excellent and innovative talents who are motivated and determined to make an impact, and will take pride in working for the firm.

We operate in a professional, educative, creative and yet fun environment. We have a workforce with diversity of thought, cultural and professional backgrounds. Hence, employees will gain expertise from an intellectual and supportive work environment and also find fulfillment and security in their work.

Working at Eczellon

Having an understanding of team spirit and interdependence, our work environment is supportive

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We are always looking to bright, motivated and innovative individuals willing to work with us

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Our Story

In today’s challenged Africa, great opportunities abound. With professional expertise supporting leaders, progress is attainable

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Together at Eczellon

We encourage anyone who fits our profile and who wishes to pursue a fulfilling career with us to approach the firm, through the various channels provided. Specific openings will be periodically published on our website, along with detailed job descriptions and job profile.